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All students deserve the opportunity to learn to juggle. The Juggling Brain program gives students the opportunity to develop good eye/hand coordination skills through juggling.

Join Emelia & Lincoln - TAKE THE CHALLENGE - learn to juggle today!

In Emelia's words "Juggling Brain is about teaching students how to juggle, because when you learn how to juggle, your brain learns too. Your brain learns lots of skills that help you read, write, play sport, play music, develop and basically give you lots of clever skills . . . And it’s a lot of fun and you can show off to your friends."

"And if you do all 10 exercises with us one by one, and practice lots, soon you’ll be juggling 2 balls, then 3 balls with the best of them!"


Now in 47 Schools!

The Juggling Brain DVD is proven as a great way to learn to juggle in ten easy steps for all age groups.
TEACHERS - The step by step program is easy for you to learn and pass on to your students. The Juggling Brain DVD program is in many schools already, in a wide range of class year levels. You can take your students from 5 years old into the program to get eye-hand coordination going. Then Years 1 to 3 – get the foundation of ball throwing and catching skills and see them juggle two balls. Years 4 to 6 - can go all the way to three ball juggling. Next level is the amazing teenagers who can juggle three balls; do tricks; perform in school musicals and are ready to juggle pins and rings. It’s a school talking point – the class that can juggle. It works!

STUDENTS - Catch Emelia and Lincoln on the video. They are just amazing talents. They’ll support you all the way, and encourage you to work through the ten easy steps. Sometimes they try comedy in the Juggling Brain video. Check out the way everything falls in a heap in Step 5 when Lincoln shows you all the equipment that people use when practising juggling !

DADS AND MUMS - Have fun with your children and give them a valuable and fun skill. And imagine what confidence it will give them. But don’t let that stop you taking the challenge too. There will be a race in some families to learn to juggle first! Parents have found the 10 easy steps fun to learn with their kids. In the video Lincoln and Emelia give hints everywhere on how to do the steps accurately.
MASTERS - Love the bright cheerful faces of Emelia and Lincoln as they light up your day giving you a skill for cognitive development maintaining your brain function and enabling you to give your grandchildren a complete surprise when you juggle for them. Can’t wait to buy a Juggling Brain DVD for your grandchildren?
Take on the challenge now. Buy your DVD now and put on a show for the grandchildren for Christmas and then give them a copy.

Juggling is a fun way to develop eye/hand coordination skills, and Juggling Brain programs were researched and developed over 6 years to assist students parents teachers and masters to be the best they can be.

Be your Best !

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